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Brain Hammer


Brain Hammer

Difficulty:Very Easy

Strength:Hangover City

Glass:Stem Cocktail


Use a narrow, stemmed glass that\’\’s not too tall. Pour peach Schnapps in first, then using an inverted spoon, pour on a layer of bailey\’\’s. Slowly drip grenadine through the bailey\’\’s, creating a brain effect at the bottom of the glass. Put another, thin layer of 151 on top. Fill a spoon with 151, light the alcohol, then carefully drip the burning rum down a long knife so that it lights the rum in the glass. While burning, drink entire beverage through a straw without stopping.


1 1/2 oz peach Schnapps
1/2 oz bailey”s irish cream
1 oz Bacardi or appletons 151 proof rum

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